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Aaron Is In Town and Seth is Sick

Hello. I was supposed to post (according to Aaron) two weeks and three days ago. He “checked” his wrist and everything when we talked about it. Anyway, here we are.

Aaron is in town for many things, some of which is Liver Quiver related. We are playing at Carabar tomorrow around 9:30 with the Stan Smith Quartet. Stan graciously let us sneak on to the bill last minute because of Aaron’s impending arrival and our planned gig FALLING through our mitts.

Also, we are playing with Fields and Planes and Mosses on Sunday at Double Happiness, which is just great.

Also, we’re trying with all of our might to plan a tour for what hopefully is spring but may well end up being summer, which might be good because it’ll leave us just enough time to record another album, hopefully not in Seth’s basement, but also maybe hopefully in Seth’s basement.




“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Good.* How about you?**”

*the polite response. I’m sure you’re not interested in a genuine or in-depth answer. Sometimes I even say “I’m well”, to seem grammatically superior or to kindle memories of elementary school (‘can I go to the bathroom?’ ‘I don’t know, CAN you?’ ‘Yes, I can, and I MAY piss all over your stupid face’).

I am rarely “good” when this exchange occurs. I’m uncomfortable or anxious or distracted or fuzzy or disinterested. Or none of those. Or all of them. But an honest answer might spike your curiosity: Why does he feel anything but good? Doesn’t he know the proper response? What do I do?

Anything but have an open conversation. Oh goodness, who knows what might come from that! You’d have to care/pretend to care or at least pay attention/pretend to pay attention to what I have to say. But then, I would have to elaborate.

I am stressed because I don’t feel I am accomplishing anything. I am  anxious because I can’t find anything that makes me feel like I’m improving my life. I am uncomfortable because my pants feel weird and I can’t stop thinking about my mothers diagnosis. I am fuzzy because I’m wearing a new sweater for the first time. I am distracted because snapchat.  I am disinterested because you are, too.

This conversation might take up more time than a simple greeting, so I’ll just be “good”. I’m not sure I really want to talk about this stuff anyway.

**i should be polite and ask you, too. I hope you say “good”

Hey, We Are Internet


Hey friend(s)

So guess what! Liver Quiver is coming back to the internets, and to a place near you soon. We’ve decided that we’re going to try this blog thing with goals of posting once a week: All the content and then some more. Expect haikus, technical what-nots, pictures, and emo stuff.

Lately I’ve been going to bandcamp and kind of perusing the genre links to find new music. So far, I’ve found some cool stuff, a lot of House, and some poorly executed Djent…so it goes.

So….Check these things out. FYI, some are my friends, or friends of friends, some however are not.


Tour Update

Hey Friends

Tour has been swell!! Our first show was at Natasha’s in Lexington Kentucky. The first band was called Tweak, and they were RAD. Nu-Jazz featuring Tenor Saxophone, Nord/Micro-Korg/Melodica, Electric Bass and Drums. Keep a look out. New music, new band, new…new.

The next day we went to the Buffalo Trace Whiskey Distillery. Here is a video of Brad Linde, taking a shot of moonshine…Deric Dickens and I keep watching it…it’s amazing.

Then we played at Dreamland, we sold CDs, it was also awesome

Lafayette, Indiana. I know right? The Spot and Black Sparrow are places you HAVE to go to. Paul If you see that guy, buy him all the drinks.

Today, we are going to weird stuff, in the meantime, Check out these songs from the new record. You should get one….before I put it on Bandcamp…Wait a sec….